Is There a ‘Sure System’ For Horse Racing?

Since I am a big fan of British horse racing and most of my buddies know about that, it happens all the time that the one or the other person is asking me about horse racing tips and strategies.

It wouldn’t be the first time that someone even askes me whether there is a sure system, preferably one you can even buy or learn from some source, a horse racing system which basically would help you to win at the tracks.

horse-racing-UK-1All I can say to that is that such a “system” doesn’t exist at all. Each and every race is different because of what horses will be running against each other with what jockey and there can also be differences in how some horses perform on what types of tracks.

Heck, even the weather can play a role. Some horses do better when it’s warmer and dry while others get to top performance when it’s chilly.

Since every race is different you cannot just get a system that you apply to help you winning. The only way to increase your chances at the races is that you need to know the horse’s (and jockeys) history so that you can halfway reliably ‘predict’ how they might do for a particular race. And getting all that knowledge can be a life-time endevour where you’d need to study the horses for many years: And this is exactly what the professionals in the horse betting scene here in the UK do.

Those horse racing tips that work for a particular race would always mean that someone has a history of most of the horses at the start. And even then, of course, there is always a slight chance that unforeseeable things make a prediction uncertain. Even the best horses are not always in top form and perform the same.

The above tips for Britsh horse racing are brought to you by the Best Horse Racing Tips. The Horse Racing Pro is a reliable source for solid horse racing strategies.


Open Source Replacements For Small Business Software

Small business software can often cost a lot of money. But there is no reason to spend a fortune since you can replace almost any of today’s commercial software with free, open source alternatives.

Here at is a huge list of seventy free open source alternatives you can use on your PC for your small business.

It’s a great article that lists basically all available alternatives on software that is out there today.

The list does not only contain business software such as replacements for Quickbooks or Sharepoint, it also lists commonly used utilities that are available for free, such as web browsers and other tools.

Start saving money with those great Open Source software packages!


On Workplace Assessments

office-ergonomicsIf you happen to be a business owner in the United Kingdom, chances are you will come across the challenge to make your employee’s workplaces and workstations more ergonomic.

Office ergonomics are especially important in the United Kingdom since we have strict regulations for work ergonomics in place.

Employers in the UK but also those in various other countries of the EU are at obligation that worker’s workspaces confirm to what is called DSE regulations. (DSE stands for display screen equipment, so basically this is a another term for computers, monitors or similar devices).

Obviously, making sure that a workplace conforms to those regulations is not something the average Joe can do. Simply buying an ergonomic desk chair is steerable and sufficient. There are various factors that need to be taken into account if you want to make sure that a work place is ergonomic and won’t pose any type of health hazard for your employees.

A professional workplace assessment means that experts are looking at all those factors, including but not limited to right posture or environmental factors. A lot of those points may not even be obvious at first, this is why workplace assessments are always performed by qualified professionals.

A DSE desk assessment can be done on-site or online. For most smaller to mid-sized businesses, the on-site workstation assessment is probably the one they would choose. The online workstation assessment can be an option if you have a larger number of workplaces to assess. In such cases, and on-site analysis of each particular worker and their workstation may not be practical. The on-site DSE assessment works in such a way that weaknesses in ergonomics and environmental factors are discovered when employees go through a number of questions and answer them using an online assessment system.

Many times, those companies that provide work place assessments can also help you to get the right ergonomic office furniture. I recommend that you contact them and ask them about their services if you want to improve your office ergonomics.

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On IT Apprenticeships in the UK

The IT job market in the United Kingdom is extremely competitive, not only because of the fact that a lot more migrants today are trying to get into this appealing career field. It is for that reason that any means that can guarantee a job in this sector in the UK is certainly more than welcome.

apprenticeship-LondonAn apprenticeship in IT and computers is one of those ways that can almost guarantee that the graduate will get hired on by a company later on.

According to the latest numbers, an apprenticeship in this industry means a 94% secure permanent employment after completing; this is 20% higher than the national average.

Obviously, getting an apprenticeship in the United Kingdom will not only almost guarantee a job, it is moreover an excellent way to get job experience or simply to explore whether a chosen career field is the right on.

Even in those rare cases where an apprenticeship won’t result in permanent employment, an apprenticeship will always look good on a resume and can greatly increase the chances to get a job later on.

Smart graduates today know about the many advantages of graduate apprenticeships. What else can be better than getting paid while at the same time getting experience and invaluable training that can be the stepping-stone into a fantastic IT career in the United Kingdom? With IT apprenticeships, all that can be easily achieved!


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Fire Detection Cameras: How Modern Image Processing Can Detecting Fires

signifire fire detection cameraWith modern computer technology and the ever faster processing power available come increasingly more and often astonishing uses which were not possible just some years ago.

One of those things which I personally consider rather ingenious is the use of digital image processing in the detection of fires.

Let me explain why this is such a big deal for fire safety today:

Old-fashioned fire detection systems such as smoke detectors need a flame or heat in their direct proximity to trigger.

This means that such systems can almost never detect a fire the moment it breaks out – they can only sound an alarm when the fire is in the same area as the detector.

In addition to this, smoke alarms and similar systems are very limited in their range. They may work for closed structures and even then, complete coverage for maximum fire protection can be a challenge.

Modern fire detection cameras such as the Signifire camera use digital image processing to detect flames. This has several, significant advantages. The Signifire camera can work and detect fires from a distance and can likewise cover a much wider field of view. This make this fire detection camera ideal for large commercial outdoor areas but also excellent for venues such as stadiums. Basically, those locations where smoked detectors would be rather ineffective.

Since the Signifire fire detection camera can detect flames in real-time this means there is no delay from when I fire breaks out until it is spotted. The camera can trigger an alarm instantly.

Another advantage of a modern fire spotting camera like the Signifire or Spotfire is that they can easily be integrated into existing CCTV systems. This means that the fire safety of various locations can dramatically be increased with little effort.

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A Tip If You Need To Train Your Staff In First Aid

First-Aid-coursesA lot of companies in various industries will at some point want to have their staff trained in proper first aid.

Amongst the industries which come to mind here would be manufacturing plants or warehouses and all types of industries where there is a heightened risk for injuries and accidents.

But first aid training is also valuable for employees in other fields such as retail and even in a typical office environment.

You can never know where and when when an accident happens and is then where knowing about first aid will be extremely helpful.

What is the main purpose of proper first aid and what makes it so invaluable for saving further injuries and in many cases even lives?

When an accident happens it will always take some time until the medical professionals that have been called will be there. If you’re fortunate enough this will only take minutes. But even if it only takes minutes until doctors will be around it is those minutes which can be critical. Think about someone having a heart attack, a car accident or a similar emergency situation.

First aid serves the purpose so that the best assistance to an injured person can be given right away.

How can you train your staff in first aid?

Private persons may often be able to attend first aid training courses at local community colleges or at organizations like the Red Cross. But for entire firms and the staff this is not really a viable solution. Here it is much better when a provider that can offer first aid training comes to the business premises and can train the employees right there.

Several providers exist that can do exactly that. You can contact them and can arrange first aid training courses for your company or business. There may be several different first aid training courses available. The best thing you can do is have the provider advise you what types of first aid training courses they offer and which one would be best in regards to the particular health risks that may be present in your company.


What Is E-Invoicing?

For almost any business owner, and here it doesn’t matter what size a business may be, cost savings and  operating at peak efficiency are always top priority. One area where the business owner can see dramatic cost savings is by replacing their traditional invoicing process with e-invoicing.

electronic invoice

What is E-invoicing?

With E-invoicing, most of the steps involved with traditional invoicing such as mailroom, post, printing, sorting and registration become unnecessary and obsolete.  The supplier can send electronic invoices right to the customer without all those steps necessary. In some cases, suppliers can save up to 70% on costs just from switching to electronic invoicing.

What makes e-invoicing in particular appealing is the fact that it is compatible with most existing forms of conventional invoicing. What this means is that a supplier does not need to acquire new technology to switch to electronic invoicing nor will there be any large financial investment required.

Modern e-invoicing systems take advantage of the fact that almost 90% of invoices today are created as electronic PDF files. Those documents can be read and then digitally processed. What this means is that the supplier simply emails a PDF invoice and  the customer will receive the electronic e-invoice data within minutes.

Any supplier can be an e-invoice supplier. With modern cloud-based e-invoice systems there is no reason to  worry since those systems can use  existing tools and processes seamlessly.  The significant cost savings and  faster and more effective operations make e-invoicing the recommended invoicing alternative for many types of businesses today.

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Choosing a Hosting Company For Your Small Business

web-hostingIf you happen to be a small business owner, chances are you may have a web site. And if you happen to own a web site, you will at some point also face the decision to go with a particular hosting company.

In my opinion, saving money on your hosting provider is a bad idea.

Many of the the “bargain” web hosting companies today are lacking in certain features that you as a small business owners would really such as added security need or they are simply unreliable. Yes you may save the one or the other buck by going with a cheap hosting company but what use has it if your web site will face outages or go down once it will see a good amount of traffic?

If you choose a reliable web hosting company such as Bluehost or Dreamhost you can always be sure that your web site will operate flawlessly. Those companies have a lot of experience in the hosting field, unlike many of the unreliable newcomers in the web hosting industry. Your business should be worth it that you go with a good web hosting company!

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